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posted by BenandGwen2009
Naruto and the girls at the Ramen Shop
Naruto and the girls at the Ramen Shop
NaruHina vs. NaruSaku

Alright everyone, here is an article I wrote awhile back, siting some obsevations of mine pertaining to both series of NARUTO

These are the two most talked about pairings in NARUTO SHIPPUDEN. In my honest opinion, they are both possible. The big question isn’t: who it will be? more like: what Naruto’s decision will be. He has a big love for Sakura, but also has a strong connection to Hinata. Of these two young kunoichi, it is Hinata who has loved Naruto longer and confesses it to him in the series. On the other hand, Sakura makes a confession later on to him. This ‘confession’...
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